Thank America for god


Omnipotent, ditto present

Omniscient, multi-facet, typically white

Perchance black, in frank disguise

Always male, almost female

Not flights of fancy

Then real and whimsical

God is one, no more! The sole one, none other

Him alone, all must worship

Free of associates, for you to bother

In Washington alone, stands the throne

Divine capital, pews of might, pews of fortune


Praise not god for America, thank ye America for god

Cowboy god, rodeo god, dollar god, trigger god

Exalt amerigod, for freedoms gone

For bliss gained, ignorance grown, for normalcy blown

Thank god for water, in bottles plastic

Purified for cash, drink ye, amerigod’s coffers to stash

Up next: air for sale, breathed for dough, or choke to hell

In the name of amerigod the merciless, the malevolent

Obey ye his commands, etched on digital parchment

Worship ye in splendid temples of malls

Beckoning your cash, for modern gospel

All wealth to him, amerigod’s capital creed

Replete with Armageddon, chockfull with greed,

To bludgeon vain heads, of unseemly demons

For commandments defied

God the fearless? God the seamless?

Nay, re-creator, dispatching men, women

Refugees, indigents, children, with skins in melanin

With abandon to their grim ends

Terminator of children suckling, cling to their moms screaming

Desperate for exile, for havens, mothers wailing

For refuge, for safety, still sweltering

From amerigod’s wrath, forgiveness overruled

Wretched refugees to nowhere

Bump into demonic barriers

Laid by bricks of odium and slabs of fire


Worship none other, to him all praise

Hold fast unto amerigod’s pillars

Racism, capitalism, fascism, exceptionalism

Cronyism and militarism, sophism and bossism

God is one per cent, the rest must repent

To god: anger, love of vengeance, power to dispense

Meting out stringed rewards

For the meek, deemed retards

Wicked rebuke at will, raining from the heavens, pure hell

Inferno, death without end, from clicks of secluded laptops

Pre-mortem, heads to whop

With wrath, beings to pop, requiting death

For phobias and wealth, with fury and stealth


Murdered by EJK en masse, due process my ass

Imperial asteroids, imperial meteors swiftly amass

Showering god’s creatures

Cuddled in cots, daring, dreaming

To crave peace elusive

Unlike Duterte, unlike Kenyatta

Petty disciples, for ICC’s vendetta

Day in court? Expect doom, Guantanamo looms


Re-create, un-create, creatures inadequate

Via walls of paranoia, walls of phobia

To incarcerate in cages, fed by liberty illusive

At home and unholy land, God walls you in

To choke you in tussles, futility in motion, despair in action

Till death does you in, dispatched to expiration

To be gone, forever expunged


Slavery rehashed, bondage reworked

With consumerist scriptures and fantasy pictures

Pray ye for thy salvation, only he can redeem,

With almighty dollars’ green

Guns for “yes” tyrants, oppressors, rogues, occupiers, tormenters

Their macabre love, for self-demise, ever slow

Of their corroded souls, killing Others for secular gods

For the altar of Washington, obey ye or perish

Mission to accomplish, continents to refurbish


To Washington alone, must all be prone

Countless times a day, implore, submit till gone

Seek thy virtual redemption

Seek ye thy virtual escape, into thy inner sanctum

Alas! Now robbed, forever gone

Till death do you part

God is America, amerigod’s your demise

Body to soul, ‘tis god’s resolve

Frown at your peril; atone and absolve

His fury venting, your homes pervading

Your essence, with coke and scamming

And meth and spam, E-mails and phones a-ringing

Divine stealth from up high a-raining


Submit ye to god’s numinous exports

Thank amerigod for neogods, outsourced demigods:

Creations for free salvation, of your souls unshod

Never to catch fullness, sans scientology, christian science

Witnesseth ye of Jehovah, Mormonism from sacred Utah

Wherein blacks are pariah

Evangelical salvation, from whites in white

To remote Turkana and tribal waste

With ethereal dollars, in whom all must trust

Strictly for the preachers, never the preached

Clothed o'er, tailored upstairs, with the maker’s attire

To render god naked, stripping the veneer

Of rights human, justice defined, virtues rehashed

Alternate facts yet alternated, truths falsified

Tales sanctified, lies certified, killers freed, bank robbers allied

Truth tellers caged, reality exiled


Seek ye forgiveness, gaze not in rage, death for sacrilege

Gaze with awe, never revenge

Hide not; naught escape, god’s eyes from space

Dangling, ears aground, bombs abound

Eerie waves radiate, minds and hearts to surround

You are god’s and to him alone, wholly belong

Resist not, dissent not, freedom’s a privilege, for mortals alike

For god and his ilk, mighty and always a right

Thank America for the god, amerigod…to end all gods


© Alwi Shatry, All Rights Reserved, January 29, 2017

  • Author: Seek (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 9th, 2017 00:55
  • Comment from author about the poem: Your patience permitting, I beg your indulgence. This was my very first, but shied away from publishing because of the length.
  • Category: Sociopolitical
  • Views: 39
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  • FredPeyer

    Seek, I read a lot of it, but not all (too long for one read, need to take more time later). So far so good! Well written. Am not sure yet if I agree with all of what you are saying, but will get back to it.

    • Seek

      Even a partial read is good. When I chanced upon the idea of America's God complex, didn't know when to stop. Even then, in another site where I first posted I had to quickly remove it because of the insults of some, not all. Being a first, l was too weary of muddying the waters. Still, for a country I hold so dear, many of the actions of her leaders did not sit well with me. Feel free to comment as you see fit.


      Thanks SEEK ~ There is a lot of TRUTH in your extensive ODE ~ I have visited America several times since 9/11 and have noticed a change GOD has been replaced by MAMMON and Americans are worshipping the Creation (the wide open Spaces) rather than the Creator 21st Century PANTHEISM ! Each American has eight times more space than we do in the UK and Nature is bigger & better so it is understandable. Watching "Old Faithful" is like a Communion Service and everyone stands up and applauds ! TRUMPS Mantra is NOT "Make GOD great again" but Make America great again" and the chances are He may even succeed ! I think 9/11 destroyed the Faith of millions of Americans and they decided to focus inward on America not upwards on GOD ! So now it is "In AMERICA we trust" which was one of the many many reasons the elected TRUMP ~ They did not have Faith in a Lady to defend AMERICA ! Obama was a DOVE and wanted to appease EVERYBODY ~ Trump is a HAWK and wants to threaten every body. The Democrats say "AMERICA needs GOD" to establish Liberty ~ Equality ~ Fraternity ! The REPUBLICANS under TRUMP say GOD needs AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ~ TO BE AN EXAMPLE (and controlling force) to the rest of the God Forsaken World ! Yes in the 21st C "America sure acts like She is GOD !" Please check my Poems & Fusion ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

      • Seek

        Thank you for taking time to write that lengthy review. I suppose the take-home, as you intimate, is that America's god complex has created a cult of self-worship. Many Americans see this and criticize it. But many, many more don't and see nothing wrong in our country being the agency of so much destruction in countries that have not been threats to us in any way.

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