A New-Born King

A prominent star, far to the east
A symbol of peace, to wise men of three
Beyond such a journey, the awaiting of a new-born King
To follow the star, that they might worship him
Yet aside from their quest, puzzled, perplexed
That of King Herod, afore thy detest
Chief priests and scribes, an enquired gathering
Herod to protect his beloved throne
A diligent search toward Bethlehem
To advise wise men, to seek out the child
Such shadows of night upon the land
From city gates, to the rightful place
An earnest rejoice
A star stood still
To humbly kneel, treasured offerings
Dreams foretold, arise and flee
Take baby Jesus to Egypt, an urgent plea
Of governed talk, of discovery
Herod’s aim to conquer prophecy
A choice in haste, a wrongful deed, a wretched command
Be rid of all young boys in the land
Yet wise men moved on
Joseph and Mary to return to where they belong
To journey on, to the land of Galilee

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©



    BEAUTIFUL GERALDINE ! In the UK all the Shops are full of Commercial Christmas Goodies ! This gives us the CUE to remind everybody about the true meaning of CHRISTMAS ~ It's "All about the BOY" JESUS the Incarnate Son of GOD who became MAN to die asa MAN to atone for the SINS of the whole Human Race ~ AMEN ! The Christmas Story ~ as recorded in the Gospels of Matthew & Luke ~ is one of the greatest Historical Stories ever told ! It has spawned millions of Nativity Plays ~ Films and even Pantomime ! Thanks for reminding us about the Star ~ the Wise Men ~ the Flight into Egypt etc ~ An Awesome True Account ~ Too miraculous to be Fiction ~ AMEN. Thanks for caring & sharing ~ Your Brother in Christ ~ BRIAN

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