Please Sleep


I lay and try to sleep
Instead I think of the secrets I keep
I lay and think of worst desire
Like how I wish to catch the world on fire
I lay and think of all the wrong
I lay and think of every song
I lay awake and remember why
Remember why I wanted to die
I lay awake and the knife
Remember why I kept my life
At night I lay and ponder
And wonder if there's something fonder
At night I lay and think
How the tears ran like a kitchen sink
 Up at the latest hour 
I wonder about a higher power
Up at the latest nights
I lay and think of all the fights
I lay and beg myself to sleep
I know even when I do
My thoughts will not conclude
The nightmares will follow me there
I'll wake with such a scare
That it turns sleep into a dare
For now I lay my head 
Lightly upon my bed
And ask myself
Please Sleep!



  • kevin browne

    I'm with you brother, I have terrible insomnia so understanding your nightly wild and wicked ways of torture is key.. keep writing through it all and maybe it could be you at the end of the tunnel.

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