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Falling in love

They say it is the most beautiful thing you can experience in your life, they weren’t kidding...
Trying to remember everything is about the hardest thing I put myself through; I know your wondering why I decided to write this why she would share this. Well sit tight and hear me out maybe through the pages you will say well she’s stupid for staying why she didn’t just leave.
This is why I didn’t leave

April 2014 was it a mistake now with a clear mind I can tell you it was, I left everything my life my friends my family my job I guess the only good thing I can say is that my mom left too. I wasn’t alone see when I arrived in California I thought wow a new fresh start with someone who loves me for me… I was full excitement I was so positive about life I was ready for a new better me.
Within two weeks of living in California one Thursday night around 10 I experienced one of the scariest things, alcohol how it can completely change someone.
There was yelling, tears and pain punching walls destroying anything in his way I stood in a corner of his room crying I was shaking I was so confused. Where did my prince charming go? My Phone was dead I thought I was too, see luckily someone came home and calmed him down, that person left he started again he tired himself out and fell asleep in his closet. I didn’t sleep all night just staring at that closet made me so anxious I was trying to figure what went wrong... first sign..
Well you know that feeling when you meet someone; yeah you know you get butterflies when you hear their voice when they tell you sweet things. And for some reason you start planning you’re weeding and how many kids you want go figure we start this beautiful life with someone in our head w/o knowing if they want the same…

I held on to the best moments and it was the biggest mistake of my life, I held on to that for a very long time keep in mind that love blinds you at times and makes you a different person, you change and may not even know it.
Too be continued

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  • Published: November 14th, 2017 01:27
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  • calbreezy

    So many things to say, But in a way I feel like i can relate. Time is a good healer, But Il be looking out for more this made me, think and i think it was great. thank you


    WELCOME FRIEND ~ Thanks for your first poem ! I'm still single (I have a GF see today's Poem) but I have experienced the Ecstasy (Highs) and Agony (Lows) of love in previous relationships (I'm 34) so I can empathise. In my experience I stayed in "bad" relationships because I remembered the "good times" ~ BUT ~ in the end the "bad times" drove us apart ! Every Blessing ~ thinking of you ~ Yours Brian (UK)

  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed. Thank you for sharing

    • ariefreedom

      thank you.

      • Tony36


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