Sleep my darling


Sleep darling

The weight of the world wont rest on your shoulders that way

Your mind has time to offload and give way to your being

Your body has time to focus on its other projects

Your body will thank you

Your days become easier

Your life becomes brighter

You become simpler

Sleep my darling

Nothing can go wrong there

Nothing can hurt you there

It’s the option that’s too good to be true

Sleep my darling

Embrace the colours dancing in your eyes as you close them

Get lost in counting sheep

Do anything but what your meant to

And avoid responsibility at all costs

Sleep my darling

What better way to fast forward time?

So you can focus on the present when it matters

Sleep my darling.

  • Author: wordsofflorence (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 14th, 2017 18:27
  • Comment from author about the poem: When you have one of those days that the only thing that will heal it is sleep - a reassuring poem.
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  • Shadowbox15

    I love it!


    WELCOME FLORENCE (nice name !) Thanks for your first poem ! It is a message we all need ~ We go to bed too late and have to rise early to earn a crust ! I love to sleep (at least from 12:30 to 7 am !) I live alone in my flat so there is no one (and no babies or dog) to disturb my dreams ! EXCEPT on a FRIDAY when ANGELA my current GF ~ comes for a sleepover ! We don't have to work Saturdays so that's OK ~ Thanks for caring & sharing ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

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