You told me


You told me directions,

but I didn't know the destination.

You told me to believe,

but not what to believe.

You told me you would lead,

but you disappeared.

You told me it will change,

but not what will change.

I listened and did everything you told me.
But when you told me to run, I ran not knowing why, but I saw you walking.

I ran, and ran, and ran until I realized why I was running.
Not because you told me to, but I was running cause I needed to get past you and learn for myself.

Thanks for teaching me I know best. I am still running even tho I'm far ahead, and won't stop until I want to, because I know best!


thank you for reading 

  • Author: Levi (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 14th, 2017 19:05
  • Comment from author about the poem: if your gonna comment please only comment positively! I have a personal connection with this poem which I won’t be sharing cause of privacy but it would mean a lot for all positivity. I do hope you can appreciate my monologue and relate to positively.I wish to tell it’s from a negative experience that I’ve turned to words to help with my recovery. I actually don’t have a tittle so it would be awesome if you could comment a tittle
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    WELCOME LEVI ~ Thanks for your first Poem ~ which I found very enigmatic. You tell us it is based on a real experience ~ but leave us to speculate. I'm twice as old as you so I know that throughout our lives ~ we are given advice ~ and it never stops ! However there comes a time when we have to stand on our OWN TWO FEET and be independent ! I am pleased you are already starting to "Learn for Yourself" We can only learn by our own mistakes ! Thanks for sharing ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

  • Shadowbox15

    Helloo Levi! I really enjoyed your poem! It was well explained and I loved the emphasis on the words of most importance! Keep up the good work.

  • Shadowbox15

    You told me
    Is a wonderful title as it is. It’s catchy, and describes the writing well. That’s pretty much all you need for a title.

    • _le.hp

      Thank you very much ^.^

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