Fragile Heart

Writings From The Unknown13

i could go on and on,

but we no longer have forever anymore.

no one knows whats going on.

no one knows what ive been going through.

i dont even know what im feeling anymore.

its funny how your heart can feel so weightless...

but the moment you remember how important a person means to you,

your heart drops in an instant...

and breaks in a second.

and the next thing you know...

you have cement bricks tied to your feet,

and a hole in your chest...

right where your heart should be.

but i never thought that would happen to me,

but it did..

and did..

and did again..

and again..and again..

and again..

all over again...

starting from scratch each time.

it caused me triple the damage.

a fragile heart became so lost.

my heart was once whole...

and now im leaving a trail of broken pieces leading to an unwanted goodbye.

every insult,

every hurtful word i said...

just remember...

it was once a fragile heart before you came.

every time i pass all the places we used to go...

i start to miss you more and more.

where we first met,

where we confessed our love,

where we had our first kiss,

where we used to hang out,

where we had our alone time...

i remember it all.

i remember every second of every place.

and i remember...

how fragile my heart used to be...


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