WHAT is your favourite DRINK ?
Depends on circumstance I think !
Cheap BEER ~ when my team has lost
Drowning sorrows at minimum cost !
RIOJA TINTA with fine dining
SCRUMPY CIDER ~ when I'm pining
CHAMPAGNE BRUT for a Wedding Toast
MOET's the one I love the most
Depends on circumstance I think
WHAT is YOUR favourite DRINK ?
Thanks for visiting ~ please add a Liquid Lyric ~ BRIAN XOX

A cold beer on hot days ... red wine to savor quiet evenings.

Ohh, a sherry or three for me
Though I'll add water to ya whisky, see
Ohh, old Orchi won't know what he's on about
I know - some say 'No change there then,' no doubt!
You'll hear him with water syphon
It's him who will have the deed done
When ya hears a 'pssttt' it won't be a whisper-call
But it'll be Orchi adding water to your drinks all
Just hide his sherry, he'll not come back
Though he'll look everywhere for it, and even back-track
To check in places it may be hid
Even raising the dustbin lid
In case ya have chucked it in there
Oh to be without his sherry, he cannot bear!
Enough of this rot
Though he could go on a lot
Time to end, cos it's waffle enough
Ya won't learn anything intelligent from Orchi's stuff!

red apple ale is very nice
drink it from the bottle
or put it on ice,either way is very nice...

Red red wine.
Nice when i dine.
Well it's nice anytime.
It quenches my thirst.
Before milk or water red wine does come first.
Its fruitful flavours In my mouth does burst.

I'll take a Disorono
Please fill a big cup though,
Mix with Sasparilla
Or Coke and Vanilla,
Now close your robe, you're in front of a window.

I would like some hot tea
My hubby usually makes it for me
It's not that my legs are broken
Its just a very nice token
of his love and affection, you see
to get me some wonderful hot tea!
I generally like Lipton the best
It's just what I prefer to the rest

A 'Mai Tai' would be very nice
with lots of rum and cold cold ice
Better yet two 'Sex on the Beach'
We could enjoy at least one each
With paper umbrella on the top
Then down on the sand we plop

though tempted by cocktails
in glasses fancy and wild
or stout and dark,
like a pint of mild
i just wont hesitate
though oft i oughta
so make mine please
a glass of water

I've stayed in Cuba an' Aruba
De coconuts grow on de Trees
Pineapple grow on de ground ~ a tuber
Can we make a drink wid dees ?
Pina Collada ~ con ron please !
I visit Cuba wid Mudder an' Fadder
Both of them are likin' Pina Collada
Me Fadder like a bit of fun ~ he say CON RON
Me Mudder ~ she teetotal ~ she say SIN RON
Me duiful SON ~ say Pina Collada wid a bit of RON !
Thanks for visiting ~ Please add your Liquid Lyric ~ BRIAN

Soda soda

In my younger days
Of bold party boy ways
A cold beer in the hot sun
Two or three and I'd be having fun
Then I tried a Scorpion Bowl
Soon after I found myself in a hole
These days I mostly drink water
Cold, clean and cheap be it oughta

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  • Marie Braden

    Sweet McDonald’s Tea,
    Is my favorite drink,
    I love it so much,
    It helps me think,
    I drink it every chance that I get,
    Helps clear my bladder,
    I’m so happy me and McDonald’s sweet tea has met


      HI MARIE ~ Thanks for your contribution ~ TEA the "Infusion of the GODS" It has amazing properties ~ clearing the Bladder is just one of them ! In the UK in the afternoon (4 pm) we have a MANTRA "Everything stops for TEA !" Every Blessing ~ Seasonal HUGS ~ BRIAN (UK)

    • Jabberwocky

      The coffee my grandfather made
      Sunday mornings
      Hot with a skin.
      I still drink coffee
      At the bottom of every cup
      In the grinds
      There's a little bit of love.


      SURE JW ~ Instant coffee is an insult to the GODS ! My Granny used coarse ground coffee ~ boiled it in a pan and filtered it through a metal sieve and some ground got through ! Black with a big spoon of sugar (no sweeteners) AMEN it tasted like COFFEE. In the USA ~ since STARBUCKS took over you can get a "Cup of Ersatz Coffee" everywhere ~ BUT ~ you can't get a REALLY GOOD cup of Coffee anywhere ! Thanks for sharing BRIAN


      THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED ~ IT IS A RECORD BREAKER ! Just 2 days to reach the MAX (15 poems) and three added since ! 141 views ! I'm opening a similar one next Monday ~ so be ready to contribute and don't miss the BAR while it is still open ! Please feel free to add to this one to make it 30 ~ BRIAN ~ Everyone's Friend !

    • Laura🌻

      Missed the deadline!
      Oh well...
      Here goes nothing...

      for this mamacita!
      Thank you Jimmy Buffett
      See you in Margaritaville!

      At least I got the chance to
      thank the one and only...
      Jimmy Buffett


      GRAZIE CARA AMICA ~ E Grazie a Jimmy Buffett and His Resorts ~ Restaurants ~ Casinos etc ! MARGARITAS ~ Cocktails ~ Tequila ~ triple sec ~ lime juice ~ shaken with ice and served in a glass ~ frosted with salt or sugar ~ MAGNIFICO ! I often visit Mexico (Puebla) and TEQUILA rules ~ OK ! Thanks for adding your fave drink ~ we will share one next time I'm in Florida ! Tequila baci e abbracci con amore ~ BRIAN

      • Laura🌻

        Assolutamente! Looking forward to it!🤗

      • NickCali

        Sick roundup of dranks
        This made me laugh
        Gotta give thanks
        For your craft
        salut my brother!
        And oh, yea
        Go have anothahh!

      • poetsinspire

        Hot Cocoa is my favorite drink

      • Abu Aeesh

        Tea!! I'd say I taste the burst of light turning into stars.. I see the constellation drawing clear contours, a portal to a new world. A new world where Dom Pérignon was accurately recorded to have said after he took a sip of tea: “Come quickly. I'm tasting the stars”. And that my friends – that would have been an understatement.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks ABU ~ I agree TEA ! We have a saying "When in doubt BREW UP ~ everything stops for TEA. wakes you up and makes you sleep ~ above all else it is the only beverage that actually HELPS you to THINK ! Yours BRIAN.

          • Abu Aeesh

            It does that and more. I thank God for tea.

          • jenny.g

            Just oozing crimson blood for me, I am a vampire you see.

          • pr3ttyshad0ws

            Frozen hot chocolate for me

          • Des

            Can't have tea or coffee so soda is my go to especially when I am stressed or had a hard day.

          • Mandi

            Oh no. I haven't been on. Life's been crazy and when I logged on today I saw the notification to join this and I'm so late lol. Bummer. Love it though❤

          • Kailie Jackson

            The coffee me and my papa used to make every saturday and it was so sweet

          • illia

            I missed the dead line, lol, my favorite drink could be of many tales, of gods and mystics legends and portails, the necture of the gods the sip of mortals with their cup, half empty, full to the top?quiet contemplation, as i drink my my eyes look up, as the necture of life falls down my throat, i enjoy the peace and quiet, and have a little gloat, #lovelightlaughter/movement

          • Natalie Heisey

            My fav drink that helps me think n stay calm is my white Russians ingredient is shot,of,vodka,3 shots of coffee liqure an topped off with 2%milk n shake it up lol

          • Efthimios William Cornelius

            i like to drink whisky on the rocks or straight up my most fave is Jack

          • HappyMarii

            I am in love with cream soda, even if I know it's not great for me! 🙂

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks MARII ~ When I was a KID ~ I loved Cream Soda it was (and still is !) WICKED ~ Hugs BRIAN @@@

            • Appletree

              I missed this completely, but am not discouraged.

              Whisky is the drink for me,
              fiery, warm and smooth, much better than tea.
              It welcomes me home and blankets my day,
              if you've pissed me off, it makes thoughts of you... go away!
              Two failings it has this friend of mine,
              it takes my money and consumes my time.
              That said, I'll never give it up.
              I'll end my days with a last warming cup.

            • ruby.e

              Love this! Sorry I looked at my notifications too late to participate

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                THANKS RUBEEEEE ! Sorry you missed the deadline ~ there were lots of responses ~ we all like a DRINK ! However don't be disappointed ! I have an active FUSION on my other LOVE ~ CHOCOLATE ! Please click on DEVELOPING and please add a POEM ~ Yours BRIAN !

              • secondchancesyndrome

                ..and a big sorry from me, just seen this, I blame the poundshop glasses. thanks to all for posting j

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