Eva, ‘Evita,’ Peron,

An inspiration to the working masses and the poor of a nation,

Immortalised in Argentinian legend,

She brought hope to a whole generation.

Rising from poverty and illegitimacy,

Elevated to First lady but the enemy of the upper class,

The higher echelons of society denounced her,

They declared her vision for Argentina a farce.

Cancer destroyed her in the end and her zest and passion for life,

On her death, an eternal light and flame in Argentina died,

Her life continues to fascinate all around the world.

‘Evita,’ on the stage and silver screen you are revived.



  • Laura

    Great poem dedicated to “Evita”!
    Had the pleasure to see two Broadway productions...
    1979 with Patti Lupone
    2012 with Ricky Martin

    Enjoyed them very much!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • FineB

      Many thanks for your lovely comments Laura.

      There is one production that I wish I had seen and that was in 1978 when it first opened on the London stage at the Prince Edward theatre.

      Elaine Paige was Eva and David Essex was Che Guevara. Two great singing stars. Apparently Antonio Banderas used the David Essex recordings to help him for his portrayal of Che in the film Evita.

      That's very interesting - I had no idea Ricky Martin had portrayed Che. A good singer too.

      Keep writing

    • Seek

      After reading this, I wonder if saviors of the masses are now possible with all the consumerism and mind numbing gadgets at our disposal. A savior surely needs those in need of (and with time for) salvation. A great tribute to Evita!

      • FineB

        Dear Seek,

        Glad you liked Evita.

        So true everyone is just obsessed with talking through technology to each other instead of engaging one to one.

        We need more modern day saviours today.
        Keep writing

      • Sky Prince Ireland

        A wonderful tribute to Evita. The music Andrew Lloyd Webber created for the play I think is the best in the whole world. She was such a beautiful lady, filled with so much passion, optimism and courage. To think she had come from poverty and wanted her people to not suffer the way she did. Maybe she was taken too soon but at least she wasn't killed by assassination or guerilla attack or something. At least she died more naturally, so to speak. Anyway great poem. Well done.

        • FineB

          Many thanks Sky Prince Ireland for your comments. Eva Peron was an amazing woman.

          Its true what they say the Lord does take the young from this earth when they are in their prime. A classic modern example is Princess Diana as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of her death this year.

        • Simple-Man87

          Well done. Great dedication. Thank you for sharing.

          • FineB

            Many thanks Simple-Man87. You're welcome. Glad you liked the poem.

            Keep writing

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            THANKS FINE ~ I love EVITA as an Historical Figure and also the wonderful Musical with Elaine Paige and the Film with Madonna ~ her finest film role ! "Don't cry for me Argentina" will haunt me for ever ! A very elegantly penned poem ~ replete with Rhyme & Rhythm ! Yours BRIAN (UK)

            • FineB

              Many thanks Brian, Glad you liked the poem. Evita is my favourite musical. I simply love it.
              A ha! A fellow person from the UK.

              Keep writing

            • Neville

              She is indeed something of an icon and a legend... and my word.. you have certainly done her proud with your eloquent resume of her life... Done in a nutshell and done so well...... Neville

            • FineB

              Hello Neville,

              Thank you so much for your lovely comments.

              Evita Peron was certainly a very inspirational woman.

              Keep writing

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