What is wrong with me?

Birddie Jane


What is Wrong with Me?


What is wrong with me?

Why do I always

Do something so stupid?


All I want

Is to find that someone special.

And I know I did

When I found you.


But I’m so positive

That I am messing it up.

And I can’t help but cry

And ask myself

What is wrong with me?


You are so kind

And you are so brave.

You know what you want

And aren’t afraid to go after it.


I sit in the background

And let others tell me what to do.

I let them call the shots

And run the show.

What is wrong with me?


I want to fix this

I want us to stay strong.

I know it's still only the beginning.

But I've already started

To make a mess of us

What is wrong with me?


Help me to see

Help me to understand

Show me how to be like you

Show me how to be loved

And how to be strong


So that one day I can say

There is nothing wrong with me.

  • Author: Birddie (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 16th, 2017 19:09
  • Category: Love
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  • jonnyc1

    This is a thought process for a lot of us, well at least me. Very well though out and written, thanks for sharing.


    Thanks JESSIE for sharing you Heart & Mind with us ! Being uncertain about oneself and having negative feelings is all part of growing up. We are all "A work in progress" and we all have uncertainties especially about LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS ~ if you didn't you would not be NORMAL. All our lives consist of UPS & DOWNS ~ We have to enjoy the UPS and benefit and learn from them ~ and also to learn that the DOWNS are all transient and will pass. Thinking of you and I'm here for you ~ Yours as always ~ BRIAN !

  • Shadowbox15

    That was a beautifully written poem. I enjoy the self-reflection within, shows that you recognize your weaknesses. That’s the first step to become better.

  • Birddie Jane

    This poem is no longer relevant to me. I now know that it was not me and rather he who is messed up with a capitol F.

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