Silly Britches

Twiddely do and doddely dum
This written word sure is fun!
Bibbity boo and bobbely woo
How about you give it a try too?
Hippity hope and gobbeldy gop
May even laugh till you drop.
Dibbity dilly and wobbly willie
Don't worry, just be silly.

Ubbity bubbity didlum ditch
The English language is oh so rich
Uffity buffety dibley dare
For every need a word is there
Uppety buppety dicklum dest
Go find a word that suits you best
Uddety buddety dablet dode
And if it doesn’t fit your ode
Uckety buckety dobley dray
Save it for another day.
Michael Edwards

Pippity hippity flum dum dippity
Letters present such possiblity
Detter do tetter bo bo fetter
Its all in how you put 'em together.
phenical benical mo do zenical
I find it fun to be so nonsensical
Meerious teerious diddly do beerious
No reason we should all be so serious.

Nippity Sippity doblity dark
The words we say do make our mark
Wippity woble woosy wy
This is a fact we can’t deny
Tobly bobly sikka scrove
What better word is there than Love?

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