ZIMBABWE ~ An Acrostic




ZIMBABWE ~ A New Beginning ?

I'VE  prayed for Her for years

MUGABE  released Her from the

BRITISH RULE  in 1980 

A JUMP from "frying pan" to "fire" !

BLACK  majorities can govern

WELL  in Africa ~ But should not

EXPLOIT HER ~ for their own GREED !


Thanks for visiting ~ please comment ~ Love BRIAN XOX


MUGABE ~ who has destroyed Zimbabwe's economy

is under "house detention" by the Military. His Wife

Grace (tipped to be Vice President) may have fled to

Nimibia ?  Opposition Leader MORGAN TSVANGIRAI

has called for Mugabe to resign ~ and a Free Election.

Please PRAY for ZIMBABWE  and a peaceful solution

and a return to DEMOCRACY ~ AMEN ~ BRIAN XOX. 


This poem is presented as a Blank Verse Acrostic

written in iambic tetrameter ~ 8 syllables per line.  


  • Author: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 18th, 2017 06:16
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  • orchidee

    Good write Brian.


      THANKS STEVE ~ Pleased you appreciated my tribute to the Long Suffering Zimbabweans ! Yours BRIAN

    • Christina8

      Very good write Brian! I know there are several countries in Africa struggling right now with horrific atrocities, I can't keep them straight. Glad you wrote this poem to highlight zimbabwe . Sisterly hugs-Christina

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks CHRIS ~ The UK has a lot to answer for in AFRICA ~ Countries like ZIMBABWE (Rhodesia) were former British Colonies ~ had we been more humane then MUGABE would have been less militant and despotic towards the Whites ! Lots of Countries have negated Native Communities ~ Australia (Aborigines) ~ New Zealand (Maoris) ~ USA (Native Americans) and Jews & Gypsies everywhere ! We have lots of lessons to learn ~ about the need for humanity everywhere ! Colonial Hugs from Brother BRIAN @@@@@@@

      • Fay Slimm.

        A terrible struggle for the right to be free of tyranny Brian and written straight from your warm and caring heart. Praying with you for peace to reign soon in this and other places of trouble.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks FAY ~ Thousands of us ~ Worldwide ~ have prayed for ZIMBABWE for years ~ that the very exploitive and despotic regime of Mugabe would one day come to an end ~ and it now has ~ AMEN. Compared to Mugabe ~ IAN SMITH was a Teddy Bear who controlled Rhodesia with a Velvet Glove not an Iron Fist ! Thank you for your positive comments ~ BRIAN "All things to all Men & all Ladies"

        • Laura🌻

          Caro Amico BRIAN...
          Un peccato mortale!
          Horrible these atrocities happening in all parts of the world! Greed, greed, and more greed! I hear it every day from my godmother who lives in Venezuela! Your acrostic is spot on! Let’s hope and pray that justice and peace will triumph!
          Baci e abbracci in pace...

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            GRAZIE LAURA ~ Cara Amica ~ SI ~ there is much suffering in the World and we must all stand united with the Beautiful Zimbabweans as they wait peacefully for "Peace & Love to reign !" Ora per Zimbabwe ~ Grazie ~ Baci e Abbracci frizzante ~ BRIAN ~ Uomo de Pace

          • FineB

            Thank you BrianSodes for this poem on Zimbabwe and very poignant and relevant with all that is going on Zimbabwe.

            With Robert Mugabe ousted out of power lets just hope and pray that Zimbabwe will be blessed with peace and prosperity in the future.

            Keep writing

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks Fine for a very objective but heartfelt comment ! The restoration of ZIMBABWE to its former Rhodesian Glory & Prosperity ~ won't be easy ~ and it will be slow ~ but ~ In the end we will prevail. She who has suffered much for nearly 40 years will achieve much more and exceed Her former Glory ~ AMEN Hugs of Expectation ~ BRIAN "Man of Hope & Faith for ZIMBABWE !"

          • myself and me

            Pray a bright future for the people there.

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