My Relationship with Perfectionism

Perfectionism is my greatest frenemy,

sometimes we clash as

two great warriors on a bloodstained battlefield.

Other times we embrace as old comrades

reunited in purpose.


Perfectionism has a savory scent 

of sweat and hard work and satisfaction

with hints of beauty.

He always makes me feel like

I don't measure up.


He battles to gain control

over my emotions and mind.

I try I try I try I try I try I try I try

to fight back and make 

him realise that


neither of us will be perfect.

He malingers in my mind, making

threats of unhappiness,

by pointing out my flaws, leaving them

barren thorns of hatred.


I scramble to the nearest bathroom, 

hopefully leaving perfectionism behind,

but he is still chasing me wherever I go.

I close the bathroom door behind me,

leaving him out.


I say to my reflection:

I love you

I love you

I love you

even if we're not perfect.


  • orchidee

    A fine write Shadow. And the last stanza is enough, I feel. Or else it's a bit like scrubbing something which will never be perfectly(!) clean.

    • Shadowbox15

      Thank you for your comment. I will try to remember this feedback
      for the future.

    • NaturalRealist91

      i love that. gives a great vision of why you should never try to be flawless at another being's expense. you cannot give love if you do not love yourself. flaws and imperfections are the exact characteristics that perfect us.

      • Shadowbox15

        I really wish I could favorite your comment. That was beautiful, thank you.

      • NaturalRealist91

        That was a beautiful poem. Cause for a beautiful interpretation

      • rrodriguez

        Great job and so ralatable. Thank you for sharing.

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