"It's Just Me"

"It's Just Me"

"It's just me.."

This is what i hear, yet the way I feel much different.

Its just me becomes its just we, while the I's turn to We's,

No matter the angle I stay on your team... but that's just me.

you see the me i just mentioned is actually a we,

and the harder we go the stronger we'll be. 

The love we share can't be compared and i pray everyday for no need for repair.

You are my dream, as well as my heart and if i lost you again my world would fall apart,

this is more than a game, there is NO restart.

I've done my dirt and offered pure hurt, but today is much different...

there's no tears on my shirt.

I'm finally happy and I know that its real because my heart was on lock yet you still managed to steak.

I love you today and much more tomorrow,

"It's just me" was a statement only to borrow. 

Stick with the we's and i'll tell you with ease,

it's no longer just me's,

It's you and its I and all in between,

put them together and its us as a team.



    WELCOME FRIEND ~ Thanks for your first Poem ~ loved the ups and downs ~ and especially the very positive note at the end "YOU & I ~ put them together and its US as a Team ~ AMEN ! MPS is a very empathetic site with lots of good Poets & Poetry enjoy. If you comment on others Poetry ~ they will comment on Yours ~ OK ~ ENJOY ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

  • NaturalRealist91

    thanks so much for the feedback. this poem came from a really beautiful place inspired by not only my best friend but the love of my life!!

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