Media Control

From who you vote into government 
To the colour of your hair you dye.
Media control... 
It's mostly a lie

You think you're a free thinker
Your life content and complete?
Free from media control?
Take a look at the Nikes on your feet! 

Adverts and click bait for your average web sufer
Being a PR guru in today’s society is a big money earner

Your thoughts aren't independent 
Your choices far from unique
Every decision you make is influenced by the elite

The TV and tabloiods are where lies are often told
The truth is bent at the recipients expense
The media contols what we see and hear and how we interpret events

A constant bombardment of messages
Both conscious and subliminal
Trust you're gut instinct
It pays to be cynical

Even as I write this now, lies are under construction.. 
Propeganda to feed the war machine
Taxes to finance weapons of mass destruction

Unless you're willing to live off the grid
Or in the rain forest in exile
There is no escaping media control
Resistance is futile

You may think you choose to ignore the information that enters your head..
However it is stored in your subconscious instead
So you'l think like they want you to
Pay a heavy price for the lies you are sold
It's all in the fine print...

(Influenced by Noam Chomskys' book - Media control)


  • Fay Slimm.

    A compelling and well written warning on the way media controls our everyday life Syd - couldn't agree more and thanks for the timely reminder to look at the fine print.

    • Syd

      Thank you Fay. Glad you agree. I look forward to reading your poems later on tonight when I finish work. Pushed for time again. Take care - Syd

    • Goldfinch60

      Very good and very true write. I tend to be very cynical about modern life, it was less so back when reality was real but that was a long time ago.

      • Syd

        Hi Goldfinch, thanks for reading and yes I agree with your comment. - Syd

      • Syd

        I'll definitely read it Outback. You met Jim?? That's amazing! I recently read a book called Wonderland Avenue, I wonder, have you read it? (It features Jim)

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