The Hairdressers

The Gwen Stefani fan has her hair dyed Jean Harlow  platinum blonde,

A Beyonce lookalike is a goddess with her curls,

Grey streaks on a 60 year old are now honey blonde,

She flirts with her stylist twitching her pearls.

Brunette lustrous locks captivate all around.

redhead  is a  breathtaking vision with her beautiful bridal hair,

The Hairdressers is a hub of frenzied activity,

Tinted highlights heal a client distraught from an affair.

Witty conversations fill the hair salon,

With lavender hair, the artist seeks comfort from her unhappy life,

Women are transformed into their icons of beauty,

Herein lies the  Hairdressers a spiritual haven from the modern world and it's strife.






  • Michael Edwards

    I do enjoy your work - it is different and refreshing and so well written. Looking forward to more.

    • FineB

      Many thanks Michael.

      Much appreciated.

      I am honoured that you like my poems.

      Keep writing

    • Accidental Poet

      Yes, it can be interesting to see the various women that come into a hairdressers shop, all with their own preferred style and stories. Great write FineB.

    • FineB

      Hi Accidental Poet,

      Many thanks.

      you liked it.

      Keep writing

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