CHILD in the manger

Infant of MARY

To Earth a stranger

LORD of us all

Child who inherits

All our transgressions

All our demerits

On HIM did fall !


JESUS most Holy

Child of Salvation

Gentle and Lowly

Lived here below

Now He's our Glorious

Mighty Redeemer

Always Victorious

O'er Satan ~ our foe !


Prophets foretold HIM


Angels adore HIM

High on His Throne

Worthy our Saviour

Of all our Praises

Happy are those

Who make HIM their own !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX


This poem is a translation of and old Carol ~ OK 




  • orchidee

    Lovely write and pic Brian. A 'classical' sort of word in 'demerits'. Wesley put 'merits' in some of his hymns.
    Shall I guess - based on the carol with 'past 3 o'clock' in it?


      Thanks STEVE ~ The first comment is always the most encouraging ! Poetry is all about WORDS ~ their assonance & resonance ! Wesley was a great "wordsmith" and "demerits" is an apt word in a poem which describes events of two millennia past ! Pleased you enjoyed the symbiosis of Poem 'n Pic ~ I seek to emulate Fay and other Masters (or should that be Mistresses ?) of this fusion ! The carol is of the same ilk & era as "past three o'clock" a simpler but much gentler age ! Yours BRIAN

    • SunSearcher

      Beautifully written! God is the reason for the season.


      THANKS SS ~ Yes indeed CHRISTMAS ~ "The Feast of Christ" is all about the BOY ! It's NOT Xmas or Happy Holiday it's Christmas ! The UK Stamps (six different designs) are all Paintings of MARY & Her Son (The Lord Jesus Christ !). This is because it's an Odd Year (2017) last year (2016) the stamps were secular ! The phrase "Secular Christmas" is actually an OXYMORON (a meaningless phrase) like "seriously funny" ! In my opinion Christmas has become far too secular ! Pleased you agree ~ Yours BRIAN.

    • Fay Slimm.

      These comforting words fall into the heart of believers so easily as did the old carol dear Brian - thank you for the needed reminder of just how deep and how much humanity is loved.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks FAY ~ for a very fragrant reply ~ as usual. Christmas is an opportunity to emphasise its true meaning ! Yours as always ~ BRIAN

      • orchidee

        How old is the carol? Would I have been there in person when it was written? Probably! Do you mean old, or verrrryyy old? And why does Carol only appear in December? What's she do for the rest of the year? Do shut up now Orchi! heehee.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          I think the carol is about 300 years old ~ Older than me ~ but Younger than you and Andy ! CAROL told me she works very hard in December and has many requests for recitals. Her Dad is Santa Claus but they both agreed ~ That ~ Although December is hectic The holidays are GOOD (11 Months form 1st January to 30 November ! Mother Christmas and the Elves (National Elf Service) however only get 2 weeks in August ! Yours BRIAN

          • orchidee

            Ah I see. And Santa only works one day a year really. And it's said that Vicars only work one day a week of course! (??)

          • FineB

            A lovely poem for Advent.

            Merry Xmas and thanks for sharing.

            Keep writing

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              THANKS FINE ~ Please you liked it ~ Christmas is a great season for Poetry ~ it always stirs my MUSE ~ Advent Hugs ~ BRIAN (UK)

            • Christina8

              Wonderful write today Brian! It's good to remember why we celebrate Christmas! After several hours of putting my christmas tree up, it was nice to read this wonderful poem! Sisterly hugs-Christina

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                THANKS CHRIS ~ POEMS are an opportunity to share the TRUE MESSAGE & MEANING of Christmas ! All the symbols ~ BELLS ~ ANGELS ~ SHEEP ~ TREES (Evergreen = Eternal Life) etc have a SPIRITUAL MEANING ! Glad you got your tree up its a sure sign of Christmas ! Pleased you liked the Structure & Subject of the Poem ~ ADVENT HUGS ~ Yours Brother BRIAN @@@

              • Confia.En.Tu.Corazon 87

                Brain, I love that you're brought back to life why we celebrate christmas. You did such a great job i look forward in reading more of your poems.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                GRACIAS AMIGA ~ YES we all need to put CHRIST back into Christmas ! It has been hijacked by Greed & Materialism "Unto us is born this day a SAVIOUR ~ who is CHRIST THE LORD ~ AMEN ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) MPS is a very empathetic site with some Classic Poetry for us all to enjoy ! The way it works is ~ If you comment on a Persons Poem ~ They normally comment back on yours ~ OK. If you get FIVE Comments that is GOOD ~ TEN is a MIRACLE ! FAY is an excellent POET and worth visiting ~ OK ~ B.

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