We were in too deep.

We had done too much.

Too scared to leave,

too broken to love, 

too wounded to heal.

We drifted apart too easily.

And it was too easy to replace me.

Now I’m too used up to move on. 


  • ScottyLee

    I can feel the pain. Thank you for sharing!

    • MGS

      Thank you for reading.


      WELCOME MGS ~ Thanks for your first Poem ~ TOO DEEP ~ TOO SOON ~ It's something most of us have experienced as Young Lovers. As you say (last line) sometimes we are too "love drained" to move on ~ but in my experience ~ we have to say "Better to have loved & lost ~ than never to have loved at all" (perhaps this is easier for Men than Ladies ?) and we do have to (sooner or later) MOVE ON ! Thanks for sharing ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

      • MGS

        Thank you for your kind words, Brian.

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