To the rape victim


to the rape victim.

Which once was me.

You know what I hate when us victims are to lay at hurt and the rapist get away with it.


Why do people congratulate the guy who sleeps and haves sex with so many girls? but God damn if a girl sleeps and haves sex with so many guys it's like the world is ending and we get called sluts.


To the guys who say "she was begging for it." 


When we say no we mean fucking no.


To the guys who say omg "here's this girl bitching about rape." Well maybe I would have to bitch about if you would listen to the first fucking time.


I hate when people say "omg I'm sorry." 


I bet your just saying it to sound nice just like when you ask me if I'm ok you expect me to say yes so you can walk away.


I think it's better if you walk away.


To the rape victim who is scared to say something about it.


Well there's nothing to say that but you should be scared.


The justice system sucks they say it's the victim faults. But that Doesn't mean you shouldn't try.


You should try, try, try, try until they listen never give up don't you dare die on me.


Cause I want you to remember something you don't want to lose your one and only friend.



This poem is not saying all guys are bad I know there not all bad there's some good out there but i just wanna know where?


Where can I find them?


To the rape victim in the shower crying now.


 Get up and fight back I don't mean punch I mean use your words. That's what the rapist expects you to do is nothing but no get up and dont you dare go blaming yourself cause no darling it's not your fault.

I wish I could hug and tell you it's gonna be ok but I can't I'm not physically there but I can tell you to fight back and never give up it might sound cliche but it's true don't waste your life blaming yourself. Do something about it even if it means you have to keep trying over and over.


I can't change what happenned but you can change your future.



  • Author: NikitaPassmore (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 27th, 2017 03:24
  • Comment from author about the poem: Hi I\\\'m back and I\\\'m going to change my poems up I\\\'m going to be making a book of poem soon it\\\'s going to called \\\"new me\\\" IF YOU BEEN RAPE DON\\\'T BACK DOWN. GET THE HELL UP!!!! I PERSONAL HAVEN\\\'T BEEN RAPE BUT I KNOW PEOPLE WHO DID AND I KNOW IT\\\'S HARD AND I FEEL YOUR PAIN.
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  • Michael Edwards

    Passionately put - keep shouting your message - who knows maybe one day...but sadly I doubt it.

  • A. F. Naturaliy

    Beautifully written.

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