when i meet you in another lifetime, ill run the other way

you said goodbye to me, way before you said it with your lips

you managed to leave me while standing right beside me

the most devastating part of it all

was willingly standing beside you too,

with you

for you

and knowingly that while i was falling in love with you

you were falling away from me


but as if you were a lifeline and letting you go meant the end, i clung with both hands onto the memories of us and even though my hands were bleeding from the rope burn i managed to let one hand go to hold your own.

the hardest decision i had to make

was choosing myself over you, choosing to live over you

because how could i make that decision when i had already decided 

i was already living FOR you


i walk past you with chains attached to my ankles and knives embedded in my stomach

how could you do this to me


  • MGS

    I can relate. This is beautiful.

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