Champagne & Caviar

I once met a girl who changed the way I viewed the world

She had diamonds for eyes
Teeth of flawless pearls

Blood red lips...
The most seductive kiss...

Her touch was so addictive...

Hypodermic needles in her finger tips

Her song was a psychedelic symphony 
Unfinished and incomplete 

If I'd have ever of figured her out
​​​​​​I'd have took her home for my folks to meet  

And from that opening riff to the very last kiss

How could I resist?

I was sure she was the one

However I could sense the storm of her moods
Taste the lightening on her tongue

Tried my best not to upset her.. 
She's almost one with mother nature 

But then I made her cry...
And I saw the hailstones in her eyes..

Such a delicate creature 
But I'd have gone halfway to meet her...

I'd have given up my time with my friends. 
But once I started down that route...

Where would it all end?

So I made my excuses
And I said my goodbyes 

But I couldn't help but think of the possible champagne between her thighs

Maybe though there would have been no champagne...

Close but no cigar..

No instead of champagne 
There could have been caviar 

But still my mind would wonder
And my thoughts they did ponder

I couldn't help but think...

If her sister tastes like thunder?


  • FineB

    Thanks Syd,

    How super and awesome.

    I am a sucker for Prosecco champagne.

    I have never tasted caviar maybe one day.
    Keep writing

    • Syd

      Thank you FineB, glad you enjoyed - Syd

    • Goldfinch60

      Good fun write.

      • Syd

        Thank you Goldfinch - Syd

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