Nomophobia (short for no-mobile-phone phobia)

Message sent the art of conversation bent
information overload on a web of deceit
an app for every user download complete

Swipe like and tag hide profile delete
you walk around with your head in your
phone well connected but still all alone
put away your hand held device live your life

Forget about free Wi-Fi and start a conversation
with those you know on the street take a break
from that submerged fake reality store memories
in your head not somewhere on the web called cloud

Be proud don't be muted by a silent response
look up from your phone and stop been alone
connect instead with the world where you exist
like tag and share with those who truly care

Live in the now don't wait for acceptance by
way of like share or reply do it now don't deny
disconnect to reinvent your time and vigour
so switch of the media auto correct and Wikipedia

Take your head out of that virtual reality
look away from the screen don't tag your life map
of where you have been phone a friend arrange a
meeting have a real conversation today won't
ever be repeating

Inspired by Rachel Collins
written by E Collins


  • Syd

    I enjoyed this Ziggy, having said that I would never had read it without my phone in my hand. Great message though - Syd

    • ZIGGY

      Hi, yes good comment lol I was expecting a comment like that cheers good to be here read you soon thanks


      WELCOME ZIGGY ~ Thanks for you first poem ~ a real ICONOCLAST ~ The phobile mon of the mobile phone ! I hate them and have a never had one and never will ! I can't complete many on-line questionnaires etc because I leave the MOB line BLANK ~ It's 1984 all over again. Thanks for scaring ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

      • ZIGGY

        Hi thanks wow no mobile I tried that years ago everyone was on my case lol read you soon

      • WL Schuett

        Right on ,nothing like a real conversation ...cool poem Ziggy

        • ZIGGY

          Hi thanks yes I agree for sure glad to be here read you soon 🙂

        • Candlewitch

          dear Ziggy,

          in this day and age, many a texting fool has found death or serious pain behind the wheel...damned texting zombies!!!

          it is wonderful to see you here!

          *hugs, Cat

          • ZIGGY

            Dear cat hope your keeping well my dear thanks for you're kind welcome read you soon my dear friend x

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