I just want someone to dance with.

I guess you could say the prize in life is love, and love is like a dance. It is taking a step forward. It is taking two steps back. It is adapting to change and making sacrifices when the song all of a sudden is different. It is knowing the other person and how they are feeling, how they move with the rhythms, what kind of moves they make, how and what vibe they radiate, what happens to both of you when the dance gets challenging, and also how you both connect. It is what you both do when the beat switches. It is the feeling of success when you find that dance that goes to the song of not just your heart and soul but theirs as well. It is that slow dance when you can finally rest your head on your partner and feel at peace, like you are the only people on stage. Not just the stage, but in the room. Not even just in the room, but the world. I guess what is making me feel so lost, alone, and meaningless is that I don't know how to dance. I don't know the waltz. I don't know the two step. Everyone around me knows a dance or makes a choreographed routine that another picks up on so easily and the dance sticks with them forever. I guess what I am trying to say here is... I just want someone to dance with.


  • jazminicole

    I love this! I definitely relate to this as well


    WELCOME CHICK ~ Thanks for your first poem ~ loved it and the lovely analogy between DANCING & LOVE. I love it when I'm "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" In the UK we are half way through STRICTLY COME DANCING where the Celebs dance with Professionals ~ AWESOME. All the LADIES adore it (so do the MEN but we don't always admit it !) As far as LOVE & DANCE is concerned I love the AMERICAN SMOOTH because it always has an element of TEASE in it as well as EMOTION and that is what LOVE is all about ! One of the key elements in a GOOD POEM is RHYTHM and yours has plenty of that to complement the SUBJECT. Please LEARN HOW TO DANCE ~ ASAP ~ It is important Socially and in 21st C Togetherness ~ Only on the Dance Floor can you tell how HE really feels about you ~ even in the JIVE ! More poems please ~ BRIAN (UK) Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

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