The Silent Wolf

Writings From The Unknown13

oh the silent wolf...

she sits in her seat so quietly,

shes soft spoken...

but when you get to know her you will learn that shes got something to say.

deep down she has a voice that barely anyone has heard before.

oh the silent wolf.

we would all love to hear you howl.

its scary how your so much like me...

but different at the same time.

oh the silent wolf.

always to herself,

gets along with everyone,

so calm...

too calm.

no one would ever know if there was something wrong.

there is a silent wolf in me somewhere.

no one knows how i feel,

nor does anyone barely ask.

oh these two silent wolves.

no one knows whats going on in my life...

dont worry silent wolf you are no wheres near a lone wolf.

theres a silent wolf in everyone.

some dont notice the silent ones...

but i do.

if im here people know it,

but when im not here...

no one notices.

oh the silent wolf.

my voice is never heard...

i pour my heart out in my writings.

im told to silence my voice.

words can affect people...

you told me i should worry about my weight,

i tried to explain that i only gained 10 pounds since the summer...

but you silenced my howl...

and just to prove to you that sometimes the words you say...

can have an affect on me,

an affect so important that you would never know could happen.

the silent wolf found a way to make a point..

without..a single.. whimper.

i never thought a silent wolf would live beneath my skin...

until one day i learned that silence is the most powerful existence.

...oh the silent wolf...

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