Around Ignorance

I do not care how many voices.
 tell me you are not.
If i believe that is enough.
 Maybe you are how they say.
Why would i care.
 If i feel i do.
Why do you not care?
 If i did all i could.
Im nice, Respectful.
 I am Intellegent.
I have written for you.
 Yet im still not for you, according to you.
You won't find another guy.
 Who tries so hard to get you.
Maybe its my insecurites.
 Or maybe i try too much.
But my heart felt too much.
 I live in regret for doing everything i could.
Is it your fault or mine?
 I do not know or care.
All i care is that you are happy.


Should I ever give up on anything I love?

But what if that thing I love is you?

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