The Hole in My Soul

As I struggle to sleep, too scared to breathe

The arms of a stranger wrapped tightly round me

Like a noose of my making

My heart always breaking

Body constantly aching

Toll on life it is taking

The tears turn into puddles

My emotions are muddled 

The abuse isn't subtle 

He lives to see me struggle

Underneath of his weight

Channeling all of his hate

He tries to seal my fate

Moves a knight, checkmate.



  • JayDleo

    Wow. just wow. You should keep going. not that I can fully relate but I truly felt as though I was there. It was very immersive. I like it.

    • LeashaBear56

      Thank you! That means the world!


      WELCOME LEASHA ~ Thanks for your first poem and your additional notes which are helpful. I was 18 a few years ago and your poem about coming to terms with Growing up & Life & Love ~ rang bells ! There are many gender differences in being a Teen (ME YANG ~ YOU YIN) but also similarities ! We all have muddled emotions ~ and too some extent we all suffer abuse ~ mental & physical. However acts Physical abuse of Male on Female are much more common than Male on Male and Female on Male very seldom and something I have never experienced. However Mental abuse (due to mobile phones & facebook etc is increasing for both genders and all ages. The physical experience you describe is very severe and can have a lasting effect. Sharing is cathartic and we can share your pain with you ~ to the extent that you are willing to share with us ~ OK ~ Thinking of you this is a very empathetic site ~ Thinking of you ~ Kisses ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

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