He Is A Failure

Time freezes


Locked in a stasis, runners position


Eyes aimed forward, every muscle tensed


Released like a spring as the hands begin their journey


Beaten bruised broken


Consuming fear to achieve adrenaline 


Trading hope for an endless sacrifice stolen from Time


Fallen, forgotten, faceless


Deep rage stirs lighting up the shadow, the remnants of the sun


Pen clenched, a key and map, write a path to victory


Voices slowly growing, whispers, shouts, screams, roars


Quaking the flaming soul and blazing heart


The hands begin the end


Writer, Runner, Believer


Possessed by something deep within, a fire


Born from the depths of loss, the tongue of silence


He is beaten bruised broken fallen forgotten faceless

He is a writer runner believer

He is a failure

He is the one who looks out in the darkness

He is the one who found what can only be seen within

He will rise


  • Goldfinch60

    Good write with a positive end, HE WILL RISE.

    • poetboy5454

      I appreciate it Gold! Thanks!

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