Alexa Malyn

Fresh start, Old ways

How come every time I see potential love

I fuck it up

You fuck it up

It ends with me sitting on my bed

Crying and shaking

Because my anxiety and I aren't friends

Why do you have to come in

And fuck up every chance for love I have

That isn't you

You are happy

You are in a relationship

Why do you need to pull me down

To bring you up

But you've always been like that

This is not the end of the world

It just means I need to watch my guard

And grow stronger with everything in me.

I've stopped giving a fuck what you think

And started trusting myself

I don't need “my other half” to make me feel whole

I'm already whole.



  • WL Schuett

    Intriguing read , Yes you are whole .... and a poet

    • Alexa Malyn

      thank you so very much.

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