Yellow was always my favourite colour, and that’s why when I met you, I knew you were the one.
Your energy made me feel how the colour yellow looks.
You’re the moon that lights up the night. The stars that shine, even when not seen.
You smell like home, and your touch feels like heaven.
You’re more than yellow, you’re more than a person.
You’re the whole universe, you’re the type of person people write poems about.
The person I write poems about.
Never let go, okay?
I love you.



    THANKS ROBYN ~ For a perfectly colour coordinated Love Poem ! I like Ladies that wear Yellow ~ which (in my experience) always reflects the brightness of their mood and attitude towards life & love ! This is the type of LOVE POEM ~ I wish i had written about ANGELA ~ Yours is a very fortunate Man to generate such affection in your Loving Heart ! Your poem has brightened my DAY ~ thanks for caring and sharing ~ Yours Brian (UK) Please check my POEM ~ Thanks B.

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