Writings From The Unknown13


i never knew when i would see your face again,

until today...

when you came to the school.

nothing changed...

i saw you hugging her.

i knew it all along.

i knew you were still talking to her,

but i just kept it to myself.

after we broke up i saw you with her...

and i got weak in my arms and legs.

i gave it my all to not crumble to the ground...

and this morning..

i got that exact same feeling.

i guess i still care about you more than i thought.

im torn between knowing you were lying all along and if its affecting me in a way it shouldnt,

or if i should just not care about you and her and just be glad i still have you in my life.

i gave everything i had in me to not crumble.

i thought the day you would have seen my face again was going to be 100% because you wanted to...

not because you were all over her..

and i walked by.

i thought you were going to give me your attention,

i thought you wanted to see me,

but if you came to see her...

then dont bother coming to see me.

i dont know how i should feel.

it brings up so many emotions,

so many feelings.

a little part of me wants to crumble in a corner and cry...

and a little part of me wants to crawl into bed wishing i could be dying.

you said you wanted to see me.

you saw me,

i saw you.

you had your chance to finally see me...

but then you suddenly left.

come back...

if not..then ill know the truth on how you only came for her...

if you do..then ill know how you really feel.

i gave everything i had left in me to not crumble...

but yet..i still crumbled.

im over it.

im done with the games.

if you want to see me..

then come back.

this is your last chance...

after this im done.

thats what i say now,

but knowing myself..

its never going to be the last.

oh the morning of December 5th.

the morning that i saw your face,

the morning that i realized i cared more than ever...

December 5th.

the morning of December 5th..

..was the morning i crumbled...

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