Death of a Simple Man

I found this website amongst his possessions

Beneath a list of to dos, and confessions,

 So I thought I would take it upon myself to present

A short story of a man, who for this world, at this time, was never meant. 

He was born with an old vision and an even older soul,

 With simplistic desires of love, kindness and rock n' roll,

 Despite the years of abuse and familial changes in his upbringing,

He chose to live for others, just couldn't shake the memories clinging,

 I've never seen, nor met a man quite like him,

 He fooled us all when he opened himself up and revealed the hidden grim.

I watched this man overcome hearts more callused than his hands,

 Envied his ability to locate the evil that lie within their plans,

I stood idly by as his light declined to darkness,

 As he lost his wife, lost his children, forcing him to become heartless. 

I'll never forget the sight as I opened his unanswered door,

Dressed in his Sunday best, feet flat on the floor,

 Despite my best efforts I could not wake him,

I even reminded him of his children and the joy he brought them,

 But like the world around him, his eyes remained closed,

As his little boy and baby girl drop the first rose.

I can't really write like him, but I hope his reputation will stand

Following the unsuspected Death of a Simple Man. 


  • Michael Edwards

    I just had to read this through to end - every word. So simply expressed and yet so powerful - A truly great write.

    • Simple-Man87

      Thank you sir. I appreciate the compliment.

    • Christina8

      I agree, a very powerful write, one of the best I've seen from you. All that you've gone through, yet you have such a big heart! The world would truly grieve a guy called the "simple man". You've been through so much, thank you for sharing this poignant piece with us!

      • Simple-Man87

        Your comment is very kind Christina. Thank you for taking the time.

      • myself and me

        Hope a new, fresh soul could reborn.

        • Simple-Man87

          Thank you Myself and Me. We will see. I don't believe he believed in that kind of stuff. But the world is full of surprises.

        • Tony36

          Well written and expressed

        • Laura

          If this write is from personal experience, I admire you for being so strong and for being so kind to share it! Personal or not, I’m rooting for the children to be with their dad no matter how long it takes!

          • Simple-Man87

            Laura, you're very sweet to say such kind words. Thank you.

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