The night lifts away like a speckled veil

Stars fade amongst the brilliance of the sun

Time's hands come to a stop, end of the tale

All stand and hail for the new age has begun


Nightmares repelled back into mere fantasy

Fear cornered and set aflame, smoke on the rise

Battle won, now begins the record of casualties

The blood on the ground staring up at the skies


Doubt hanged at dusk, no scream only whispers

Lingers, through simply gray clouds that come and go

No longer eternal darkness, a beast that now rarely stirs

In a vast, flowered garden, a weed to slowly grow


The Night is gone, the Day is young

Though shadows hide, free from the light

But let not the song of victory go unsung

Live through the day knowing the night

Shall always return, and we shall always fight

Through every evil, every plight

Past every phantom, with all our might

When hope turns black and despair, white

Regardless, of this triumph, they shall write








  • Goldfinch60

    Good positive write.

    • poetboy5454

      Thank you Gold, always appreciate seeing your comments!

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