Mistaken For Sex

Sex , Sex is just a feeling 

The feeling you get when you are mistaking it for love.

I thought you loved me , I thought we was true

Now as I sit in my house you got me feeling blue. 

You love the way my vagina feels on you.

But you don't love me .

You loved the way I sit on top of you as I watch your face expressions change how you bite your lip and grab my body.

But that's all you want is to feel inside me

But you don't love me.

The way you rotate to the back Can't nobody take it like me and you know that.

But you don't love me.

Love , sex , sex , love!

Never mistake three for four 

Because four isn't three. 



    WELCOME COOLEY ~ I know from experience of the agony and ecstasy of LOVE ~ sometimes Men mistake Sex for Love and Love for Sex but in my heart of hearts I know I have loved every lady I have made love to over the past 17 Years (I'm 34 !) Additionally most of the Ladies have also loved ME ! Thanks for sharing ~ more please ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

    • Cooley

      Thank You So Much For Your Comments , One Love

    • Yahchanan AbiyaH

      Keep it real then! Sorry that I can't share this with my girl. Ya know just in case. 😉

      • Cooley

        Lol that's all I know how to be is real.

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