What is Evil?


Alright, wait a minute! Let’s capture evil
Is it a man with a sniper rifle in hand, climbing the stairs of a steeple
Screwed up on dope and lost all hope, looking down scope and taking shots at people
Is it a mother who thinks she made a mistake and drove her van in a lake
While her kids were in the back chowing some birthday cake
Pretending it was an accident while her mind can only fixate hate
What do we know, well it goes to show we can only imagine
What snaps in minds of those who seem fine and it always ends so tragic
Is evil a man who stole a child playing in their yard
Caused her harm while her mother was off guard
Vanished without any alarm
Is it a homeless man chewing the hand of another homeless man
High on bath salts and sick of eating from trash cans
Is it the devil or the preacher, they both take advantage
Influencing minds and causing permanent damage
Fingers pointing every which way, and I don’t think evil can clearly be defined today

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  • Author: LukeCoomer (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 10th, 2017 20:58
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  • poetboy5454

    Brilliant poem, evil is too often represented as a black and white line in society, a blurry grey fits much better.

    • LukeCoomer

      Thank you so much, I’m glad someone instantly knew what I was trying to do and I should have figured it to be you!

      • poetboy5454

        I appreciate it, but your poem framed it perfectly!

      • Laura🌻

        A great write Luke!
        You’re so right and bright!
        Evil takes on many shapes
        andwears many disguises.
        Awesome illustration!

        • LukeCoomer

          Thank you Laura! I just happened to look at this poem because I was wondering why more people didn’t comment and poof there you are lol

          • Laura🌻

            Being eagle eyed is a good thing!!Glad you saw it! I’m catching up on my reading and comments! LOL

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          • deepthoughts

            This is a good poem, I like the last sentence because it's very true. Evil can't be defined very well today. As poetboy5454 said, it's a blurry grey. Do you mind checking out a few of my poems and telling me what you think?

            • LukeCoomer

              Thank you and yes I will!

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