Fay Slimm.






You and I, long ago unfastened the bodice of
stiff convention,
trod down high fences of weathered tradition
and we galloped happily bare-back

on imagined kisses.


We stole a march on time's attack and found
nectar seeping thru' holes
in establishment's mantras, we flung open all
barriers and danced as we sipped

clandestine's song of bliss.


We feasted our needs on what was forbidden,
exposed as false gloomy
predictions and severing any worn-out words 
on restriction's ticket we boarded

the love-train to destiny.


Fused into one you and I un-caged a fated
contentment that
given free rein seized rarely-used chances
and though now out of physical reach

somewhere your spirit rests.


Only until we soul-mates next meet again

and I know we will.



  • Christina8

    Another poem written like only you can! Love this poem. Like you said in your last line, you will meet your soul mate again. Like Kat said, love never dies. Beautiful poem, Fay!

  • orchidee

    I'm gonna sing it: 'We'll meet again....' heehee. A fine write Fay.

  • Laura🌻

    My dear Poetess Fay!
    The entire poem is beautiful! It oozes with pure love! Some gems that stand out for me...

    “...unfastened the bodice of stiff convention...
    “...galloped happily bare-back on imagined kisses...
    “We feasted our needs on what was forbidden...

    Absolutely exquisite! Thank you for sharing your gift!


  • Louis Gibbs

    Indeed you will, Fay. You and I were blessed to have met and enjoyed the sweet company of a soul-mate in this lifetime, if only for a short duration, and of course we will be joined with them again! It is the way of things.
    This strong and beautiful poem reveals the blessing enjoyed absolutely perfectly!

  • Goldfinch60

    Beautiful write Fay, the soul mates WILL ALWAYS meet again.

  • FredPeyer

    Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous declaration of love! I too am a believer that our souls will meet again!
    This is so good, it just has to be made a favorite!

  • Accidental Poet

    Love the quote at top of page, love your poem too Fay.

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