Love is


Love is an emotion I don't particularly like, for with Love comes the endless nights of fusses and fights. And the familiar line I was wrong you are right.
Love is an emotion I don't particularly like.

Love is
not to mind
calling her cell phone
for the 200th time
because she
cannot find it again

Love is that smile,
That smile that infects your soul
Whenever your loved one
Comes within your life.

Yet now I feel it slowly drifting away leaving me in a manic state of depression.
Feet firmly on the ground but for some reason round and round these thoughts go.
As a feeling I've never felt before slowly begings to mainifest on the left side of my chest leading me to a place of distress
Now thick clouds of smoke begin to feel the room as I zone out to the lyrics of old love songs wondering where I went so wrong.

  • Authors: T. Lateef (Pseudonym), Alfred Peyer, Goldfinch60
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  • Finished: December 12th, 2017 06:33
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  • Comment from author about the poem: At a time where love seems so distant and I can list all the reason why.
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  • lostthoughts

    Thank you to all that have been participating 🙏🏿

    • deepthoughts

      I would love to participate in the poem fussion, I just don't know how (I'm new to poetic side). Can you give me some instructions? Thank you!

    • Scout

      Love this. Hate that I missed it

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