To be honest, i am running in circles.

Same scene same settings and its getting ridiculous

the times where i just want to end it all

and go into a deep permanent sleep forever

Not once thinking about those that actually cared about me

When does it end or why wont it stop

I know for sure that life is a test

and that it comes with complications

and yet still here i am

Complaing  to myself about the issues that

creates more stress and headache

I can wish all i want i can pray all i want but nothing ever comes

to help.

Dear father spear me the mess and just take my life

take me away from the pain and poison

cause i cant stand it anymore father i cant

I am desperate and is in dire need of your consultant......

oh wait it just me again as i thought and of course already new.

but i cant play the blame game no i cant

the only one responsible for the problems is.....let the others guys tell it.

Ha that's all i can do is laugh

the wasteful minded and the weak

the unintelligent and the leech

crazy....i can only rap my mind around so many things

I can only see the things that were invisioned by me

so as the old man in the homeless shelter told me

"forget whats going on and the importance of artificial

human life just be real to your taste and live life."


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