Mottakeenur Rehman



No mention,No tension!

Although this life is not 

As the life of longing should be.

It takes precedence in the estate of psychy,

Over the spirit of alchoholic addiction

I get the victory of the victorious moment!

        Sitting in the shade of poenciana

         All things moved gently

         With a celebration of spring,joyous and embracing:

         The natural world towards reddish growth,birds to song

          And human beings to go on the journey of imagination.


Imagination, imagination ..

Some themes to be explored in imagination.

The strategy of representation insists on

To exalt me, I and myself for one more day!

         Definitely one never knows 

         When the world might end,

         In contrast to  my inner replica ,in case.


All my life, all my glory

I have been doing so!

By following the poencian's redden refreshness

I put myself to death in glee!

          Since simply it is far away 

          Always far away from day to day grieviences

          Yet, next to me, which may spur you

          On to enlarge your horizon of understanding:

          Unconditionally and politely whenever

          The landscape of poenciana is quite visible in the window of eyes

          And then as far as it would be reached to its breeze

          By then we all are the monarch of the solitary street!


The redness the redness..

Everywhere the redness !

Blossoming many flowers of queen

The redness is going to exhilarate our soul's freedom!

         Look , in no time to fulfill the empty mirth of rhythm

         The red colour is spilling a perfect way

         From flower to leaf and head to ahead.


Oh' poenciana, the spell-bound creation of nature,

Praising your praise worthy

The winged wind also runs 

With the wholesome redden feelings 

And for which I roam in the realm of fancy :

Yes I have a desire to be bloomed

As redden as the poenciana's beauty!!




  • Michael Edwards

    As Kat says you have a great style and this is so evident in this lovely work.

  • Yahchanan AbiyaH

    Next level. Do you submit to magazines or contests? How do you keep doing it? Lovely to say the least. Challenging and understood all in a single stanza. Placed together to form the picture. Not enough space to continue so I will summarize with 👍

    • Mottakeenur Rehman

      Like your thinking I will try to do a lot.....because Surely Poetry is a thing of hope.... Loaded with future and surrounded by the past........#just need your praiswrothy comment to promote myself in the solitary world of Poetry.

    • Yahchanan AbiyaH

      I still love it!

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