Anastasija Bogdanova


17th February 1997,

A Child was born,

A child who is yet to be,

As mysterious as it may seem this child found it impossible to understand,

This world ,

This society,

This life created yet slowly destroyed by man kind 

Yet the strive to do better 

The determination to be better 

As anxiety rushes through the mind 

out of control, taking control over the selfless soul ...

               The Rush Of The Inevitable Fall.






  • draculazy

    A lovely piece of writing about a topic I personally identify with, keep up the good work!

  • Michael Edwards

    A horrible condition not well understand. My wife suffers and the worse thing anyone can say is 'Pull yourself together' - it is a condition and if only you could you would. The only answers seem to be to grow out of it or to take appropriate medication - I wish you well.

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