THE MOON has always fascinated me
SO BEAUTIFUL and so big ! 15% size of EARTH
SO CLOSE I feel i can touch it ~ Men have walked on it
NO OTHER PLANET has a MOON so proportionately large
OR SO CLOSE ! The Earth is a Living Planet created for us by GOD
GOD created our MOON to give light at night ~ also to move the TIDES
A Living Planet needs a MOON like that ! VENUS has none ~ MARS two bits of ROCK
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The MOON...Interesting choice BRIAN! Most powerful symbol in Astrology...so it is written!
That would have been my choice! Born on a a full moon ๐ŸŒ•
MOON CHILD was the nickname given to me at birth! At 21 years of age, my parents announced that the baton had been passed on to the MOON LADY...thatโ€™s me!

Mars is the red planet
we aspire to go there one day
Looking for a way to sustain life
because we have to find a way
We are destroying our own planet
People have signed up to go already
It's a one way trip for sure!
Willing to advance our science and study
Someday people will live on Mars
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PLANET EARTH supports life ~ OK
This is due to it ambient temperature 16C
This enables us to have a lot if liquid WATER
We have equilibrium between FLORA who breath in CO2
And breath out O2 and FAUNA who breath on O2 & breath out CO2
Where did LIFE come from ? Nobody knows but we are Happy on EARTH
If there is another PLANET with Intelligent Life ~ Then I would like to VISIT !
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Cosmic Snowballs
Cosmic snowballs floats everywhere in the atmosphere.
Flying away with glowing giant heads larger than any planet in the solar system.
Followed by dust tails,and ion tails.
Comets of gas,dust,and rocks in space.
Made of ice coated with organic materials.
Leftovers from the dawn of the solar system.
Composed of nucleus,comas,dust tails,and ion tails.
Orbiting the sun in a elliptical way.

Les รฉtoiles
The stars
are the greatest space offers.
Les belles รฉtoiles dance dans le nuit.
The beautiful stars dance in the sky.
They are dazzling little suns,
too far for my taste.

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