The Darker Side Of Wonderland


Falling down the rabbit hole,
you now must understand
that there is something darker
in the world of Wonderland.

These lands, the bright colours and sweet lies
They make this delusion seem so real
Drawing you in as it tears you apart, you’re not sure how to feel

Sucked into the vortex you loose track of time
Allured by false promises amongst the flashing neon signs
Artificial flavours make the candy taste so fine
You think you're free when in fact you're incarcerated...
Doing time
Lost on the beech like a grain of sand Welcome kid...
To the darker side of Wonderland

Cheshire Cat’s smile
Queen Of hearts’ crown
Mad hatter’s madness
In which we’ll all drown.
Blood boiling for the better days
Where happiness did float.
The crooked madhouse stole my dreams
And drowned it in the moat.

The darker side invites you to play
With Cheshire's hypnotising eyes,
Just as planned.
To play with toxic shadows,
In all areas wash you brain,
Til you can no longer stand.
The ones of you with watchful eyes who attend,
Take notice:
Our turmoil we beg you to end.

Tweedledum & Tweedledee
What sort of Characters are these
I don't think they are harmless babies
NO ! Twins are always antagonistic ~ they're
SINISTER ~ Trouble makers ~ BUT ~ scared of a CROW !
Think of the KRAY TWINS and others ! BRIAN XOX

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  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    brilliant!! i love how this is a combination of poets, writing together . for sure, things are not always as they seem and certainly we can be easily fooled into believing things are nice when in actual fact , that is not the reality. i think if i ended up in wanderland i would be a little freaked out at the weirdness of it all .. the madhatter and the cheshire hat, i'm sure i would feel like i had lost it lol

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