What the he!!

Here you are in front of me. I once loved you so deeply. And in many ways still do. But you talk about love for another person. And while you are in pain because life happens, i will still help you and still wants best for you. But how do I tell if this is me pining to be with you or me rising above and just being a good person doing the right thing? It hurts hearing about her. And now I'm telling you to go be there for her. Helping you with her..... so why do I feel like shit?

Relationships of M & F
Form & Break each second
There are 7.3 Billion ~ Humans
Which means there are about 35 million
Ladies that I could meet and fall in Love with !
But if the ONE THAT I WANT is with someone else
I DON'T say "WHAT THE HE!!" and look for another Lady
NO I cry and sigh and even die ~ for the ONE LADY I can't have !

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