Jacob Bennett


Open fields,

Fog in the morning air,

All the animals stand

and stare.


Farmers work,

Building walls,

Keeping the animals in

their wooden stalls.


Not conscious,


Locked away the animals

Don't care.


No freedom,

No choices,

No one to hear

Their voices.


Freedom lurks,

On the rind,

It is something the animals

Must find.



But alone,

The animals still believe

They are home.


  • Michael Edwards

    Read this and enjoyed it then I read your comments and saw it in a different light - great work Jacob.

    • Jacob Bennett

      Im glad you could understand my meaning behind it. Thank you!!

    • orchidee

      Good write Jacob. Yes, the herd instinct is OK for animals. Yet in a way, spiritually speaking, we humans are all as 'sheep'.

      • Jacob Bennett

        Just preaching what I believe in. Thank you!!!

        • orchidee

          Hope I'm not too 'preachy'. I don't mean to be.

        • poelove

          enjoyed your thought process, frankly i just started to publish on this site and it's nice to see some outside the box thinking. If i may offer one point of critism i dont believe you need to use too many articles In your poem for example "The animals still believe" would have worked just as well without the (THE) as in "Animals still believe" Or "Thier wooden stalls" perhaps just" Wooden stalls" or "locked away the animals" try it with "Locked away animals" Just some food for thought, again let me say I enjoyed reading your poem.

          • Jacob Bennett

            Dang you are absolutely right, reading it the way that you state would make the flow of the poem less choppy. Thank you, that was very insightful!

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