Interstellar Nebulae


 Interstellar clouds of dust ,helium,and hydrogen fills in the sky.

Everywhere in the Milky Way,and Andromeda galaxy,and beyond.

Forming gas that is in the universe.

Some are produced by thousands of shiny stars.

Giant molecular clouds up in the sky.

Nebulae starts to form by Supernova explosions.

 Creating interstellar clouds in space.

Planetary nebulae forms everywhere.

Results from deaths of massive stars.

Dark nebulae,diffused nebulae,Supernova nebulae,and planetary nebulae fills the sky.

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  • Published: December 21st, 2017 01:16
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    THANKS "SG" for posting an ELEGANT Poem supported by a BEAUTIFUL visual. I love the Hubble Photos and the more we explore space the more mystical and awesome it becomes ! Your "SPACE" poems have tweaked my MUSE to pen CLOUDS & SUPERNOVA ~ Hope you like it ~ it is dedicated to YOU ! DANISH Scientists have discovered that +ve & -ve IONS from Supernova explosions help the formation of Cloud Condensation Nuclei and promote Terrestrial Cloud Formation. This is important because "cloud cover" affects climate change ! Thanks for your excellent poem ~ MORE PLEASE ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my POEM and please add a verse to my FUSION ~ Thanks B.

  • Christina8

    Very interesting and educational poem! Absolutely wonderful!

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