the sun and the moon


we were like the sun and the moon
always passing each other by
never on the same page but always lusting after one another in the sky
I was the moon
i spoke to the broken
and brought light
to those who only opened their curtains at night
you were the sun
you watched as the ones around you grew with your aid
and you lit up the sky with every move you made
I was the moon
and the stars always whispered sweet nothings in my ear
and formed constellations to draw my attention near
you were the sun
and clouds changed their form for you everyday
just so you might pass through them on your way
orion’s belt was nothing
compared to the way I watched you radiate love every morning
and prepare for my arrival every evening with sunsets of all colors
you did it for me but were still admired by all the others
the clouds could never make a shape enchanting enough to even come close to me

you told me I gave you a reason to rise in the morning and just be
you knew I represented the night
but you always said 
you’d never seen anyone shine as bright
I knew you represented the sun
but nevertheless you were still a star once
I hoped and I dreamed
that gravity would pull us together like a magnetic pole
or we’d drift off into space one day and find each other in a black hole
though once
we came together and I blocked you from shining so bright
I never noticed
because feeling your warmth always felt so right
I turned you cold and drained you of energy
so you said you needed space
so I waited
and waited
for us to come together again
face to face
but it never happened
you said you found comfort in ones like you
you told me it’s okay that she brings out the light too
I watched you grow
from a star in the night sky
to the sun
which to everyone would rely on
I watch from the sidelines as you reach your full potential
brightness turned all the way up
because she fuels you like I never could
burn brighter than ever before
and give energy to those who need it
and offer it freely to those who will try to take it
but my love, please don’t forget
I will always love you with no regret

  • Author: christina m. (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 23rd, 2017 00:31
  • Comment from author about the poem: I wrote this poem about two weeks ago while reminiscing on a very toxic relationship with my first love. this poem is about how we were always so different but we tried anyways. we were young and in love without knowing what it meant. we hurt each other to the fullest extent without even knowing it. in the end he found someone else that does more for him than i ever could and with that I am at peace. this is for alex, thank you for showing what love is, what it isn’t and everything in between. I wouldn’t be who I am without the things this relationship has taught me, this is me healing.
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  • PoeticPsycho

    Very powerful poem and metaphor you use to express your relationship. I hope your healing process turns out well and you move on from this with only the lessons. Take that and apply it to your next relationship


    HI CHRIS ~ thanks for posting a Cosmological Poem ! I love all poems about SPACE ~ Please check my FUSION (click on DEVELOPING to see it !). We refer to BROTHER SUN & SISTER MOON but the traits are not exclusively MALE or FEMALE ~ I am much more LUNAR (An Encourager) the SOLAR (Assertive & Self-centred !) and you poem explores the clash of personalities between LUNAR & SOLAR ~ We sometimes forget that Planet Earth depends on the Moon (for "light @ night" ~ tides etc) as it doers the Sun for Energy (Heat and light etc !). When GOD fixed the dimensions and distances in the SOLAR SYSTEM he played a joke on the SUN ! The MOON like the EARTH is about 100 million miles form the SUN but only 250 miles from the EARTH It's diameter is 400 times smaller than the Sun so that when it becomes between the Earth & the Sun it blots it out ~ A Total Eclipse ~ The Sun hates that and it causes Cosmic Conflict ~ So "Lunar" People will always clash ~ personality-wise with "Solar" People ~ this can be M/F M/M F/F ~ OK Every blessing ~ Thanks for sharing ~ Yours BRIAN


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