The Only Peaceful Night

When most kings are born,

the entire world knows.

Some may worry.

Many love them.

Preists are called to bless them.

Pastors are called to pray over them.

Some already choose to hate them.

Still, when the most important and powerful king was born,

nobody knew.

The pregnant mother,

gave birth in a stable.

She did not place him,

on the finest materials.

Instead, she could only place him in a manger full of straw.

Nobody in town,

knew what was going on.

He was however visited by a few shepards.

Barely anyone knew,

he would be a king.

He would preach the truth.

He would cause an uproar in the government.

He would be crucified,

at the age of thirty-three.

He would defeat all evil.

He would rise from the dead,

and ascend into his kingdom.

Nobody knew people would speak of him two-thousand years later.

The world did not make,

a big deal when he was born.

When they first saw him,

to most people,

on that one peaceful night,

he was just another israelite named Jesus.



  • Goldfinch60

    May he soon return to us to lead us once more.

  • orchidee

    Good write Forever.

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