Twilight on the grave

Dew settles in the night

A paranormal heart I crave

By warm candlelight

Moisture kissed quagmire

Two hearts vapid sound

Yearning eyes afire

True love’s been found

I take you in my arms

Fetid smell across skin

Like faded floral charms

Flesh parched thin

My sweet undead lover

In a coffin on silent breath

Through the tears I discover

I fear not Lamia's death


O lover how I wept

Lost in the night

In your arms swept

Warmed by candlelight

I long for an embrace

Ignite my cadaver heart

Caressing your sweet face

Smitten by love’s dart

In stasis we embellish folklore

Within shadows of the dark

Entombed on the moor

Where times leaves no mark

Entwined thorns of a rose

To thrive on sanguine laughter

As one we decompose

Blossoming in the here-after

  • Author: poetessdarkly (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 26th, 2017 12:14
  • Category: Fable
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    WELCOME FRIEND ~ Thanks for your first Poem ~ very GOTHIC ! I love the visual ~ I once did a project on GRAVESTONES ~ awesome places ~ I have always lived near one and walked through @ twilight ~ SPOOKY ! Your elegant poem is replete with Rhyme (alternate lines ababcdcdcefef etc) and Rhythm (good meter) easy to read excellent to recite ! Love the subject content of two Lovers ~ living & dying in LOVE ! Very GOTHIC ~ more please ! The way MPS works is you comment on the POEMS of others & vv. Always reply to comments ~ OK ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my site ~ Thanks B.

  • Shadowbox15

    I love the darkness lurking in your poetry.
    Well done.

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