Big Bang Singularity


In a extremely hot,and dense point.

The universe that we know today is born.

Trillionth of a second in age.

Bursting away after inflation in the universe.

Expanding in a speed of light.

Double the size of a golf ball instantaneously.

Neutrons,protons,electrons,anti electrons,and neutrinos fills up outer space.

Matter in the universe begins to erupt from a singularity.

All the way in the cosmological horizon.


  • Author: space_girl (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 26th, 2017 00:57
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    Thanks FRIEND for an excellent poem on the BIG BANG THEORY ~ It was a singular EVENT ~ Once for All the UNIVERSE. The theoryis supported by ~ An Expanding Universe ~ Formation of Galaxies 13.8 billion years ago ~ Space Debris (Trace elements in the same ratio everywhere) ~ Cosmic Radiation etc. It does however pose an important question ! Where did the Matter and the Energy to detonate the BIG BANG come from ? ! Thanks for another COSMIC POEM ~ Yours BRIAN

    • space_girl

      Thank you Brian 🙂 kinda of late but happy new year.

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