Haylee Owen

What a fake smile can say

I fake a smile

not because I’m weak

or depressed and I don’t want others to know

but because life gets hard and

if I show what I’m feeling

not only me

but everyone around me gets hurt


and afraid

a fake smile is a sign of caring too deeply

and always getting hurt

its crying at night so no one knows 

and pretending you’re okay

so before you ask “are you okay?”

look at their smile 

and decide for yourself



  • Jayce Elliot

    This really opens people's eyes to what they have been too blind to see.

    • Haylee Owen

      I really hope so! Sometimes all people need is someone to look them in the eyes and say I know you’re not okay!

      • Jayce Elliot

        I agree, too bad most people are too afraid or don't care enough to do so.

      • Michael Edwards

        A great message and put in such appealing simplistic language - great piece of work Haylee

        • Haylee Owen

          Thank you. That means a lot!

          • Michael Edwards

            Just spotted that this is your first posting - do write more as you have quite a talent and welcome to the site.

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