Whats your favorite music genre?

Country music’s here for me
To see how pretty the world can be
With truthful lyrics and a catchy beat
I think this genre is really neat!

HOW lovely to sing Christmas Carols
UPLIFTING Hymns about HEAVEN @ Funerals
Really give everyone HOPE ~ Death's not the end
CHRISTIANS ~ express their Hope & Faith in their Hymns
HUMANIST FUNERALS ~ without HYMNS seem to me to be FUNEREAL !
Usually encouraged by YOUTH ~ who
SING & LEARN new hymns at CAMPS & Conferences
I am young enough to appreciate Church Music Groups !
CHURCHES should encourage Young People & let them LEAD WORSHIP ~ AMEN

Heavy metal is the best,
I listen to it, full of zest.
It's the start and end of my day,
It helps me when i feel grey.


  • Hood.

    Industrial Electro/Darkwave is my genre. Didn't stick to your rhyme...I just don't follow the herd!

    Industrialisation - by Hood.

    From Faderhead to 32Crash, Cyferdyne & Nitzer Ebb
    From Angels & Agony to CHROM, IAMX & Front Line Assembly
    From Dance Or Die to Lost Signal, [:SITD:] & Eurocide
    From, to Mesh, Essexx & Sara Noxx

    From Spektralized to Front 242, V2A & Colony 5
    From Absurd Minds to Acylum, Torul & Essence Of Mind
    From God Module to Uberbyte, Bigod 20 & Santa Hates You
    From Neuroticfish to Diorama, Minerve & Glis

    From Frozen Plasma to Edge Of Dawn, XMH & Rabia Sorda
    From Velvet Acid Christ to Funker Vogt, Age Zero & Combichrist
    From Destroid to Icon Of Coil, Red Flag & Agonoize
    From Fake The Envy to Pride & Fall, Formalin & VNV

    Make room for the Cybersluts
    Make way for the Cyberslut party
    Make room for the Rivotheads
    Make way for the Rivothead army

    Stand aside for the Cyberpunks
    Stand clear for the Cyberpunk party
    Stand aside for the Electroheads
    Stand clear for the Electrohead army

    From ReActivate to System Syn, Spetznaz & The S1nd1cate
    From Run Level Zero to Covenant, Dekad & Suicide Commando
    From Aesthetic Perfection to X-Fusion, Noisuf-X & Imperative Reaction
    From Angel Theory to Zombie Girl, Retractor & Assemblage 23

    From Access Zero to Third Realm, Diverje & Blaqk Audio
    From Lyronian to Flesh Field, Encephalon & Cruciform Injection
    From Controlled Fusion to Ruined Conflict, Iris & State Of The Union
    From Mind:State to Project Pitchfork, Weltfremd & XP8

    From Solar Fake to Interface, Aengeldust & Fix8:Sed8
    From Thoushaltnot to Cynical Existence, Syrian & Your Bunny Rot
    From :Wumpscut: to Stahlnebel & Black Selket & [product]
    From Accessory to Lexincrypt, Bruderschaft & Jesus On Extasy

    The beats are sick; the sounds are slick
    The tracks are quick; the bass is thick
    Time for another electro cyber party trick

    From atomzero to Son Of Rust, Enter & Fall & Level 2.0
    From KMFDM to Wynardtage, Deviant UK & Krystal System
    From Life Cried to Ego Likeness, Advance & Blue Eyed Christ
    From The Retrosic to Corporate Soldiers, Cryo & Cease2xist

    From Siva Six to Leæther Strip, In[Perfektion] & SD6
    From Panzer AG to Painbastard, Dolls Of Pain & Unitary
    From Skinny Puppy to reADJUST, Apoptygma Berzerk & Psyche
    From ELECTROVOT to Kasper Hate, Unter Null &

    From Cold Therapy to BlakOPZ, Re:Legion & Sonik Foundry
    From Junksista to Nine Seconds, Dolls Of Pain & C-Lekktor
    From Espermachine to Substaat, Harmjoy & Diversant:13
    From Detroit Diesel to Nebula-H, Mordacious & Freakangel

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